NHMRC Gustav Nossal Award

NHMRC’s Gustav Nossal Award is named in honour of Sir Gustav Nossal and his pioneering work in the field of immunology. It is awarded to the highest ranked applicant of NHMRC’s Postgraduate Scholarships in the field of medical and dental research.

University of Queensland – Doctor Chan is currently a full-time PhD student with the Australasian Kidney Trials Network at the Princess Alexandra Hospital/University of Queensland. Doctor Chan is a Nephrology Staff Specialist at the Metro South and Ipswich Nephrology and Transplant Services, as well as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland. Doctor Chan’s clinical research interests focus on clinical epidemiology and population health, and he is currently studying the epidemiology, predictors, outcomes and prevention of infectious complications of kidney transplantation. Doctor Chan’s thesis will explore the predictors and pathogenesis of infectious complications following kidney transplantation, and examine the feasibility, safety and efficacy of innovative approaches to mitigate this burden.

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