Request for Peer Review of Proposed Research

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Has there been a systematic assessment of existing evidence?

Are there similar investigations in progress?

Are you proposing this research be coordinated or facilitated* by the AKTN?
AKTN Coordinated Trial (AKTN will coordinate all aspects of the studyAKTN Facilitated* Trial (AKTN will run the trial at Aust/NZ sites for an existing international trial

If the proposal is for a coordinated trial, is it your intention to lead the trial?

If the proposal is for a facilitated* trial, please indicate how the AKTN could assist in the management of this trial (please tick as many boxes as are relevant):
Trial comes with sufficient fundingOR AKTN will seek further local fundingStatistical ManagementData ManagementSite Monitoring/AuditingAssumption of responsibilities of Trial Sponsor in ANZ region

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*trial protocols facilitated by the AKTN are now required to be co-badged with the AKTN