A randomised Controlled trial of slowing of Kidney Disease progression From the Inhibition of Xanthine oxidase

Principal Investigator: Professor David Johnson
Clinical Project Manager: Laura Hickey (AKTN)
Trial Number: AKTN 10.02

Population: Adults with CKD stage 3/4 and progression of CKD in past 12 months
Intervention: Allopurinol (100-300mg) vs placebo, daily
Follow-up: 24 months
Primary outcome: Change in eGFR
Status: Data analysis is underway
Recruitment end date: 31 December 2016
Follow-up end date: December 2018
Recruitment: 369/620

Trial Results
The CKD-FIX study ran across 31 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand, with more than 369 patients -with stage 3 or 4 chronic kidney disease who were at increased risk of further progression – taking part in the trial. Commercially available since the late 1960s, allopurinol helps the body reduce urate in the blood. High levels of the chemical are common among patients with chronic kidney disease, where it is associated with a higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease and its progression.

The CKD-FIX trial results showed that allopurinol, a commonly used drug for gout prevention, did not prevent the worsening of kidney disease. These results indicate there is no benefit in prescribing this medication, unless there is an additional specific medical reason, such as gout. This much awaited, high-quality evidence will inform global clinical guidelines for patient treatment.

The results of the trial have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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