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The Network offers support to three categories of research projects: coordinated projects, facilitated projects and co-badge projects.

Research Proposal Review Process
To ensure that a research proposal has scientific integrity, addresses a research priority and aligns itself with the patient-centred focus of the AKTN, a research proposal review process has been developed. The process chart below outlines the progression of a research proposal through the AKTN’s review process.

Click here to download Request for Peer Review of Proposed Research Form

Assistance with completing this form is available via email Please forward your completed Peer Review Request to

Peer Review Process

New Research Proposals
New research proposals to be submitted using the attached form please.

Coordinated Research Projects
Coordinated research projects use AKTN resources to oversee the legal, regulatory and administrative tasks required to run the study in Australia and New Zealand. Data collection is managed central and an AKTN biostatistician is appointed to the project. A management committee, usually with the research proposer as its Chair, is formed with members contributing to decisions on key study specific issues as they arise.

Facilitated Research Projects
A facilitated research project requires the AKTN to act as the local Australian and New Zealand regional (ANZ) Sponsor of a larger, multi-national project. All local legal, ethical and regulatory submissions are managed by the AKTN. The AKTN may also manage the procurement of local funding (if required), site management, monitoring, and protocol support. Database and statistical support is typically managed by an international coordinating group.