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New consumer research opportunity!

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The Australasian Kidney Trials Network is inviting people with experience of chronic kidney disease to participate in a consumer focus group to gather opinions on information provided to potential research participants.

The focus group will be conducted online for 1.5 hours via Zoom on 6 December with about 12 participants with lived experience of kidney disease.

If you wish to express interest in taking part, please let Hayley Candler know at

Expression of interest to be a member of the Consumer Advisory Board for the Australasian Kidney Trials Network (AKTN)

What is the AKTN?
The Australasian Kidney Trials Network (AKTN), based in Brisbane, Australia:

  • Is a not-for-profit research organisation.
  • Designs, conducts and supports clinical trials with the aim of improving life for people living with kidney disease.
  • Aims to run clinical trials in the most practical ways possible.

Why do we need a Consumer Advisory Board?
The researchers want to make sure that the AKTN trials are designed and run in a way that is meaningful to patients and caregivers and focuses on outcomes that are important to them. The Consumer Advisory Board will help ensure that trial designs and documents provided to the kidney community are clear and useful, including when the trial results are shared with the kidney care community.
Consumer engagement in research is also expected by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Who are we looking for?
People from Australia and New Zealand, including:

  • patients and caregivers with lived experience of chronic kidney disease
  • aged 18 years and over
  • able to read and write English
  • willing to participate and share your experience, opinions and suggestions about trials for the benefit of the kidney community

Please note that Consumer Advisory Board members cannot review trial documents etc that are related to a trial they are already participating in.

What time commitment is involved?
This is very much up to you and will be supported by any guidance you need, which could range from an hour’s introductory meeting to a half- to full-day training workshop when you’re ready to start. This will depend upon the type and level of involvement you choose. Some of our most common consumer involvement activities are below and if you indicate your availability for them, we’ll start to get an idea about what type of involvement you would like:

The specific requirements of a trial with which you become involved will be outlined in the Involvement & Communication Plan for that trial, which may change over time. Please let us know if your availability changes over time.

When does it start?
Hayley Candler, the AKTN Consumer Engagement Coordinator, will be in touch within a month of her receiving this completed form. If you are invited to become a Consumer Advisory Board member, there will be some training/information to read through. We’ll contact you when there’s a good fit between you and one of our trials!

Will members be acknowledged or reimbursed for their input?
With permission, members will be acknowledged on the AKTN website and other trial documents. Members are also entitled to reimbursement for reasonable travel costs and time, which will be paid in accordance with Health Consumers Queensland recommendations.

How do I become involved?
Please fill in all the boxes below. If you have any questions, please get in touch withHayley Candler (Consumer Engagement Coordinator)  I  0419 614 798

Why are we asking the questions below? 
It is important to the Australasian Kidney Trials Network (AKTN) that we capture views and opinions from people of a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The information you provide below will help us ensure we include people from as many different backgrounds as possilbe.

We have a register of people interested in being involved in improving the way we do research studies on kidney disease.

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