Scientific Committee


The role of the Scientific Committee is to provide scientific leadership to the AKTN by providing peer review of proposals submitted to the AKTN with regard to scientific merit, feasibility and clinical relevance, prioritisation of clinical trials and other network activity, voting on the AKTN’s involvement in individual trials, and advising on audience and content of educational sessions. The following are the terms of reference for the committee.

  • Provide an evaluation of clinical trials proposed for coordination/facilitation to ensure they are of scientific value, statistical and logistical feasibility and conform to ethical guidelines
  • Be involved as a Chair or Member of a Working Group
  • Approve and implement trial selection criteria and/or scientific review mechanisms
  • Decide by vote on whether to co-ordinate or facilitate proposed trials
  • Provide advice on content and structure of educational and promotional activities
  • Receive reports on progress from principal investigators
  • Report annually to the Advisory Board

Neil Boudville (Chair)
Meg Jardine (Deputy Chair)
Armando Teixeira-Pinto
Bhadran Bose
Carmel Hawley (Executive Operations Secretariat Chair)
David Johnson (Executive Operations Secretariat Deputy Chair)
Elaine Pascoe (Biostatistician representative)
Chen Au Peh
Jonathan Craig (Cochrane representative)
Jessica Stevenson (Renal dietitian representative)
Kannaiyan Rabindranath
Rachel Walker (Renal nursing representative)
Kirsten Howard (Health economics representative)
Martin Gallagher (KHA-CARI representative)
Matthew Roberts
Nicholas Larkins
Nigel Toussaint
Phil Clayton
Shlomo Cohney
Wai Lim
Simon Carter
Tracey Putt
Sunil Badve (AKTN)
Magid Fahim (AKTN)
Yeoungjee Cho (AKTN)
Michael Collins
Suetonia Palmer
Nicki (Nicole) Scholes-Robertson
Vanessa Cullen
Katrina Campbell
Rathika Krishnasamy