Targeted Education ApproaCH to improve Peritoneal Dialysis outcomes

Principal Investigators: Prof Josephine Chow and Prof Neil Boudville
Clinical Project Manager: Laura Robison (AKTN)
Clinical Research Associate: Peta-Anne Paul-Brent (AKTN)
Trial Number: AKTN 15.03

Population: Adults about to start Peritoneal Dialysis training for the first time and the Nurses who will train them.

Intervention: TEACH-PD training modules
Primary outcome: Refine the TEACH-PD training tools and the collection of data to plan a larger, randomised trial
Final Recruitment: 10 PD Trainers and 14 PD Patients
Status: Final Report underway

Trial Summary

There is an increasing number of people developing end-stage kidney disease in Australia every year. Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is the most cost-effective and user friendly form of dialysis, with equivalent outcomes to haemodialysis (HD), yet the rate of PD utilisation in Australia has been steadily falling since 2003. A major contributor to low referral rates by physicians to PD and relatively high rates of PD technique failure is PD related peritonitis. Studies in a number of countries have shown that peritonitis rates vary greatly between PD units (between 5 to 20 fold variation). With PD critically dependent on patient self-management, research is required into potentially modifiable peritonitis risk factors, including patient training.

The primary objective of the TEACH-PD (Targeted Education ApproaCH to improve Peritoneal Dialysis outcomes) pilot study is to refine the TEACH-PD training modules for PD trainers and patients.

TEACH-PD pilot study is an investigator-initiated, single-armed, non-randomised, pilot trial assessing the use of training modules for both PD nurse trainers and incident PD patients undertaking PD training. A total of 10 PD trainers will be enrolled and at least 1 PD patient per trainer, including at least 10 English speaking patients (between 10 and 20 patients in total) from PD units at John Hunter and Wollongong Hospitals in New South Wales.

PD trainers will complete the “Train the Trainer” modules during the study which have a focus on adult learning principals and be provided with Patient Training Manuals. Once the PD trainers are assessed for competency with the modules, the trainers will then instruct the incident PD patient using the Patient Training Manuals and practical demonstrations.