Consumer Advisory Board

Here at the AKTN, we want to make sure that clinical trials are designed and run in a way that is meaningful to patients and caregivers and focuses on outcomes that are important to them. The AKTN Consumer Advisory Board helps ensure that trial designs and documents provided to the kidney community are clear and useful, including when the trial results are shared with the kidney care community.  

Janet Bailey
Alex Billett
Allan Blackley
Garry Brazell
Natalie Brown (Co-Chair)
Phil Carswell
Helen Coolican
Janelle Colquhoun
Vanessa Cullen (Co-Chair)
Trudi Fuge
Phil Greenhalgh
Amy Luchterhand
Irene Mewburn
Darren Nolan
Nicki Scholes-Robertson
Mardi Thompson
Janelle Watson
Amber Williamson

If you’d like to join us as a member of the Board, please either click here to download a fillable PDF form, or continue to fill in the web form and submit online.

The videos on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page feature some of our consumers, researchers and physicians addressing some of the most FAQs about how consumers can be involved in research.