Handling Erythropoietin Resistance with Oxypentifylline

Principal Investigator: Professor David Johnson
Clinical Research Associate: Alicia Morrish (AKTN)
Trial Number: AKTN 06.03

Population: Stage 4/5 CKD patients with moderate to high resistance to ESA
Final recruitment number: 53 (target of 110)
Intervention: 400mg Oxpentifylline versus placebo, daily for four months
Primary outcome: ESA Resistance index at four months

Results: The HERO trial found that Oxpentifylline did not significantly reduce ESA resistance, but did safely increase haemoglobin levels despite a non-specific reduction in ESA dose. Oxypentifylline should be considered a treatment option for patients with ESA-resistant anaemia. Results of the study have been published in Nephrology, the Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease, REDOX Report and Am j Kidney Dis.