Request consumer involvement

Any Australasian Kidney Trial Network (AKTN) team member or affiliate may request consumer involvement in a trial development-related activity, subject to AKTN approval. This involvement may range from trial material or grant application review to engaging in multimedia promotion of our work.

The Consumer Resource Review Template is to be used to guide consumers as they provide feedback on trial materials, to ensure that the questions you want to ask are answered as accurately as possible. Click here to download the template.

The Request for Consumer Involvement Form must be completed for the AKTN Consumer Engagement Coordinator to review in advance of any consumer involvement, and in order for this involvement to be properly arranged.
If you’d like to request consumer involvement through the AKTN Consumer Network, please either click here to download a fillable form, or continue below to fill in the web form and submit it here online.
Please keep your responses short and use plain language wherever possible. The more information you provide, the better able consumers will be to decide if this opportunity is right for them.

Contact Details

Details of request and study/activity
Do you require a consumer for Trial Steering Committee (or similar) membership? If so, please stop completing this form and instead contact the AKTN Consumer Engagement Coordinator at or on +61 419 614 798 to discuss your requirementsfurther.

Thank you very much for your time completing this form. The AKTN Consumer Engagement Coordinator will be in touch as soon as possible with feedback on the propriety and availability of consumers for your task.